Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the possibilities and the difficulties

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Every era has it’s own stunning breakthroughs that unlock new possibilities and potentials for the human kind.

Our life quality is linked tightly to our level of technological advancement.

The 20th century was nothing like any previous century, we discovered and developed everything our current civilization is based on, Nikola Tesla did the foundation of alternate current electricity and everything else followed little by little.

It’s the fundamental nature of electricity that was missing, once Maxwell made the equations enabling us to get the desired results and use electricity to produce electromagnetic waves, every invention we have now was just a question of time, from transistors to integrated circuits to communication devices and every other crucial invention is just a derivative from this fundamental findings.

I think it’s fair to say the base of our current civilization is electricity.

The earlier scientists were brave enough to question their science and suggest new concepts.

Now, the academic community is having too much taboos and fears on asking daring question or even giving suggestions and new models.

Our science today is heavily based on abstract math instead of observing nature behavior like the earlier scientists did, math and equations are certainly a necessity, and in many occasions they enabled us to predict the existence of phenomenons that we are not capable yet of measuring or detecting with the current devices and every other crucial invention is just a derivative from this fundamental findings.

however focusing solely on math forgetting about any unusual results we get from observing nature and experiments, which is the key to every breakthrough, will lead us to nowhere.

Low Nuclear Energy Reaction or LENR for short is having this exact problem.

But what does LENR mean in the first place?

In a nutshell, it’s a phenomena where matter can be affected on the nuclear level without needing huge amounts of energy, and by conventional means, including chemical means.

Today, the only mainstream way of using nuclear energy is by using fissile matter like Uranium or Plutonium, and by hitting this elements with neutrons we cause their atoms to split releasing energy that we us to boil water to get steam to operate dynamos for electricity.

With LENR, we don’t need fissile elements like Uranium or Plutonium, we can split any element no matter how stable it is, or even fuse elements to obtain heavier ones without releasing harmful radiation if we wish.

What every scientist and every researcher should understand is this is a relatively new phenomena we are witnessing here, using the current nuclear physics models to try to understand it will lead us to nowhere, or will make us reject the existence of LENR in the first place, which is the case with many scientists.

Today we need to get back the bravery of the early 20th century scientists and ask daring question and make new models and ways to measure the new phenomena. we have to break our attachment to the old science, we didn’t discover everything obviously and never will.

LENR has been observed in many occasions by many scientists and researchers, it has been observed in biological organisms as well, Corentin Louis Kervran the french scientist have many experiments in that subject, the US Army had some research done by S. Goldfein in 1978 confirming the phenomena as well.

Many big entities are working to solve the puzzle, everyone on their own, the incentive is so big.

Because when perfected, LENR will allow us to extract much bigger energy from nuclear forces than we are using to stimulate those reactions, this is basically cheap / free energy,

The second thing is manufacturing ANY element or isotope in big quantities, solving the rarity of certain elements problem.

this is obviously posing a huge risk to certain industries that will likely fight for their interests, or, a better alternative, embrace the new technology for their own good and the world good.

Some researchers already demonstrated amazing potentials of LENR, one of them is a 1.5 m diameter nuclear water fueled reactor generating 10KWh of electricity for unlimited time without maintenance, with hydrogen gas as a byproduct, using only MWCNT ( Multi walled carbon nano tubes ) produced in a specific way to make water molecules fuse.

This makes old conventional nuclear technology completely outdated.

Google, Bill gates, and other big players are interested and working on those matters.

we have to make it mainstream.

This article isn’t a scientific paper, i tried to illustrate the important points, if you are a researcher or a scientist, please check the resources and papers on the link bellow.


Full stack web developer at day, exotic & borderline science researcher at night.

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